About me
My real name is Iuliia, but everyone calls me Julie. I was born and raised in Kyiv, Ukraine, but I have been moving regularly from one country to another to follow my husband's projects. I had an opportunity to live in USA, France, China, UAE, Indonesia and Tanzania and now I’m back to France. I speak French, English, Ukrainian and Russian fluently.

Photography has been in my life for many years, in particular since giving birth to my daughter. It became simply a way to keep track of all our wonderful family moments. While my daughter was growing up, I often realized how precious it was to be able to look at these pictures from time to time, and make these moments vivid in our minds again.
I quickly understood the passion for photography and started to dive deeper into it, immersing myself in every workshop I could find and taking classes to continue to develop my artistry. And now I'm happy to create quality photographs and unforgettable moments for others.

Every day, every session, every family is now a new opportunity for me to realize how meaningful it is to capture all the precious moments of our lives. The energy of children laughing and playing, the intensity of a look between two lovers holding hands or the beautiful shapes of a woman. I try to capture all these moments as if it were for myself, and I am sure you will feel it as you go through my portfolio.
You will also see that I generally prefer to guide my clients into outdoor settings which are at the same time peaceful and lively. More importantly, I chose to be an outdoor photographer because I love to shoot under natural light. Working with daylight can be a challenge since the level of light may vary a lot during the session. This obliges me to organize sessions that are quite condensed and intense in order to guarantee the harmony and coherence of my pictures.

Obviously, this also results in my sessions being more dependent on weather conditions. Although I generally do not work in studios, indoor shootings at your place are still possible, provided that there is enough light coming in through the windows, and enough space between the subjects and the photographer can be guaranteed.
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