Do what you like to do!

I always try my best to put my clients at ease, but there is nothing like doing an activity you love to give your best smile and energy on the pictures. Feeling cheerful goes a long way in the photo session, and that’s why you should not hesitate to integrate any activity you like to do as a family, if you feel like it of course. That could include some sport activities like bringing a soccer or basketball, or doing more casual activities like blowing bubbles, playing games or patty cake. You can be as creative as you want !
How to prepare for a photo session?
Limit inconveniences and distractions!

By that, I mean to limit all the needs that might appear once the session has started. I personally advise you to make sure you have eaten well and are not thirsty before the session. Don't forget to bring water with you or snacks if needed. I would also like to remind you that since most sessions happen in open areas, there might be a limited access to some facilities (toilets, etc).

Outfits: Remember the 4C! Which you will find in recommendations for photo session outfits.

Pay attention to details.

Beautiful pictures don’t come without attention to details! What matters in your daily life remains valid for a photo session, so remember to have your clothes ironed, and your shoes polished. Also, some details that will be unnoticed in normal times can be accentuated on the pictures. For example, men will be careful to have their beard clean-shaved or trimmed recently so that it does not look bushy in the pictures. Going to the barber a couple of days before the shooting can be a very good opportunity to have a professional taking care of your beard, hair, eyebrows and skin! That same logic can be of course applied to you, ladies.
The texture of your skin and hair will have a tendency to be accentuated on the pictures and it can be complicated to correct it afterwards. To avoid any shade (of hair or of irritation) on the pictures, it is recommended to wax a couple of days before and shave on the eve of the photo session so that your skin has some time to heal. If you like to have a manicure on, make sure we do not see your nail polish chipping when doing close pictures of your hands. And if you like jewelry, remember to make it shine bright like a diamond!
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