Children portraits
When I was a child, there were not as many opportunities to take pictures as there are now. And as an adult, I sometimes regret not having more of that period of my life captured in photographs.
For me it is always a cheerful and comforting feeling to look at the few clichés I have from my childhood, and I am sure many adults have the same experience. The joy of delicately holding these tiny and fragile pieces of paper in your hands.
The pleasure to rediscover a younger version of yourself, the surprise to suddenly recall this outfit you liked so much, or this hairstyle you were so proud of. The nostalgia of holiday memories.
Every time I take pictures of children, I keep in mind that this is a moment they might forget. So what matters even more to me is to see them cherish photographs later when they become an adult and they would treat them as little treasures of their pasts.
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