Family portraits
I am fully convinced that building a family is one of the most beautiful things that can happen in our lives. And I am even more convinced that there are never enough opportunities to celebrate being together!
As a wife and a mom, I know how intense family life can be, and how difficult it is often to simply pause and appreciate the moments we spend together. As a photographer, I have at heart to capture the family moments as they happen, and to go away from an archaic vision of family portraits which are, in my opinion, very static and lifeless.
Being a family is not about showing a rigid smile and posing for a few seconds together. It is about capturing the dynamic of the interactions, looks, smiles, laughs or even tears that happen in our daily life.
I like to immerse my clients into outdoor settings that are encouraging such quality time, like a nice park where it is possible to simply walk, take a break, look around, and enjoy nature, as any family would do.
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